Thursday, March 9, 2023

Welcome to Nedscape


This isn't a real website, so don't get your hopes up (if the dated Blogger template didn't tip you off).  But if you're a longtime Internet person, you might remember a company called Netscape Communications.  They commercialized the world's first graphical web browser, and were generally pretty darn cool in the mid 1990s.

I had the foresight to be the first guy named Ned on planet Earth to register the domain name back then, and I've been paying my renewal fees every year since.  For several years, I maintained Nedscape (and a lot of other Ned-themed domain names) as goofy parody sites (you can see a wrapup of all that in the 2009 link at right).  Look, it was the early days of the Internet, and that's the kind of thing people did then.

Anyway, my Linked In profile says I'm an "entrepreneur, former CEO, investment banker, strategist, and growth advisor"  All true.  I sold my enterprise software company xTuple in July 2022, and I continue to own a small interest in the acquirer.  For many years, I maintained another blog, focused on the ongoing consolidation of my little corner of the software world, called the ERP Graveyard Blog.

I work with a number of startups on strategy and growth, and generally try to be helpful where I can.  I also recently joined the leading global software/tech investment bank Corum Group as a VP/Dealmarker, so I get to be even more helpful, and work with even more cool tech companies.  Life is fun.

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